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Annual report of activities for 2014

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Savoie Technolac presents its report of activities during the year 2014.

During this year, Savoie Technolac:

  • have seen 17 new entreprises joining and making the number of jobs on the site reach 3659 (doubled over last 15 years)
  • offered guidance 61 start-up through its Incubation Base.

SteadySun, an example of a start-up illustrate the variety of services offered to the entrepreneurs to accompany them through each step of development of their company: detection of project, transfert of technology, incubation, growth accelerator. A tailored made offer at the service of economic development.

Savoie Technolac, is also a growing sector (+ 45000 m² for construction), in the middle of an energetic smart network (smart grid).



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