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A Moroccan delegation visiting Savoie Technolac

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On the occasion of the Solar Race 2013 Jean-Pierre Vial - President of Technolac Savoie and Jean-Pierre Joly - General Director of INES, welcomed a delegation from the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy today (Masen).

Alongside the INES and innovative companies operating on the Technopole, Savoie Technolac mobilized in the development of the solar industry in Southern countries, an area in which the energy supply stakes are high.

The visit of the MASEN representatives is an excellent opportunity to strengthen:

- Collaboration between France and Morocco on the theme of solar energy,

- The MASEN - INES partnership whose activities are expanding internationally, particularly in the Mediterranean basin.

The Moroccan delegation MASEN composed of AMRANE Obaid, Executive Board member and Ilias Hamdouch, Special Advisor to the Executive Board, was received this morning, by Jean-Pierre Vial, Jean-Jacques Duchêne, CEO of Savoie Technolac and Christian Schaeffer, director of training at the INES platform, as part of a day's work to discover the Savoie Technolac eco-system. Meanwhile, seduced by the concept of the Solar Race, the MASEN is studying the possibility to develop in the region of Ouarzazate, an implementation area for the first phase of 500 MW of the Moroccan Solar Plan.

The attendees will make the most of their stay to attend tomorrow the launch of the Solar Race with 2013, starting with the Sun Trip at 10am and 1pm for the start of the race.




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