Savoie Technolac Incubator, your passport to French Tech Ticket

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Savoie Technolac, your passport to French Tech Ticket: the French program for international startups

The French Tech Ticket program is back for season 2. Savoie Technoalc Incubator is ready to welcome the most talented entrepreneurs, and even more startup-tailored benefits including a € 45,000 prize money for the winners! And we’re delighted to announce that applications are now open! Entrepreneurs from all over the world will be able to apply until August 24th 2016.

So what’s in it for French Tech Ticket winners?

The welcome package has been expanded to offer new laureates the best possible start in France, with a combination of funding, incubation, ongoing support and advice:

Funding: € 45,000 per team with no loss of equity (€ 20k to cover personal costs and € 25k to cover professional services)

  • Resident Permit: Fast-track procedure to obtain a French resident permit
  • 12 months incubation: Dedicated office space in one of France’s 41 partner incubators.
  • Acceleration program: Tailored program of Masterclasses, Networking Events, Mentoring sessions…
  • Soft Landing Pack: “Welcome Guide” and special offers from our partners to help winners relocate easily to France
  • Help Desk: A dedicated contact to help foreign entrepreneurs through administrative procedures

Learn more about the program and apply now! 

Who is eligible?

  • Foreign teams of 2 or 3 co-founders (the team can include a maximum of 1 French citizen)
  • English speaking teams : the entire program will be held in English
  • With a startup project: startups must be in the creation or growth phase.
  • Startups already incorporated in France are not eligible

Join the Savoie Technolac community, the Energy and Network excellence center.

You wish to establish your business activities in France for domestic or international operations.

You are looking for:

  • introducing your entreprenarial potential
  • new skills and talents
  • business opportunities
  • private and public partnerships
  • offres and lab facilities
  • work-life balance

Against an outstanding lake and mountain backdrop, Savoie Technolac's team and it's partners will help you develop your business.

Savoie Technolac

Points of reference

  • Energy and network:
    world's 3rd largest R&D facility in solar & smartgrids, full complement of 500 researchers & 22 000m² high-tech platform (National Solar Energy Institute - Research and Innovation),
    leading solar energy training and assessment center in France (National Solar Energy Institute - Training and Assessment). Test and certification center (CERTISOLIS, CSTB)

  • Hydropower:
    EDF's CIH, Hydraulic Engineering Center, is the international reference on hydraulic engineering.
    It employs 600 engineers.

  • Energy efficiency:
    Energy Pool (Schneider Electric), demand response leader in Europe

Savoie Technolac works on combining energy sources (renewable and traditional) and on the smart grids and systems that constitute the "3rd Industrial Revolution" of this new economic era.



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