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Europe top 10 economy

Savoie Technolac is situated in the eastern part of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, an area that is a European leader in energy provision, supplying over half of France's hydroelectric and solar thermal power, and is the number one skiing area in the world.

Greater Alpine Region (Rhône-Alpes)

  • 6th European region (GDP)
  • N°1 electrical energy producer in France supplying 42% of its hydroelectric power and 50% of its solar thermal energy
  • Energy sector companies hub
  • N°2 region in terms of R&D investment (after Paris Ile-de-France)
  • And the Northern Alps, n°1 skiing area in the world

France at the heart of the world economy

  • Lower set-up, operational and payroll (per employee) costs than in neighboring countries (Italy, Germany)
  • N°6 European Union country in terms of number of 25 to 34 year olds holding a higher education qualification
  • Research Tax Credit: Tax credit of 30% of R&D expenses, up to €100 million. Expenditure subcontracted to public bodies assessed at 200%
  • N°2 in Europe and N°4 worldwide in terms of patent filing



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