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Every day services

Make work and life easier and make the most of meetings and exchanges in a friendly setting.

Service companies

At Savoie Technolac, all the services that your business needs are located less than 5 min away from your premises.
Communication agencies, postal services, reprographics, industrial property, and also subcontractors, Datacenter, IT maintenance, security, etc.
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High quality environment

Real Estate offering complemented by numerous innovative services:

  • A private optical fiber network (Zone d’Activité Très Haut Débit (very high-speed business center) label)
  • A video surveillance system on site
  • A secure and efficient Datacenter on site
  • Conference and meeting rooms


A variety of restaurants are located in Savoie Technolac and its surroundings, ranging from simple university snack-bars to star-rated restaurants around the magnificent Lac du Bourget.

Medical unit

A physiotherapist, an osteopath, a general practitioner, 2 pediatricians as well as occupational healthcare services are on hand at Savoie Technolac.

Culture and Sport

Play badminton, soccer, basketball; take up photography, sing, do yoga etc. during your lunch break, thanks to the Culture and Sports Association (ACS). Take advantage of the reduced tariffs at the Traverse performing arts hall for theatre, concerts, etc.



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