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Flexy Energy

Producing electrical energy without storage batteries in isolated African areas, and finding the innovative idea and business model to do so: the Flexy Energy solution.

The Flexy Energy concept tests out a business model based on a hybrid power plant (solar, photovoltaic energy/diesel or biofuel generator), without storage batteries. By improving Sub-Saharan Africans’ access to energy, it aims at contributing to economic development.

Above and beyond the business opportunity, Savoie Technolac sees this project as a chance to open a window on Sub-Saharan Africa.
> Contribute to the Flexi Energy project
> Access Sub-Saharan markets

70% of the cost (3.4 million euros) is borne by the European Union, with the Flexy Energy project bringing together:

The project was also financially backed by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the World Bank.



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