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Key players

The Savoie Technolac ecosystem brings together world energy and network leaders, leading to the creation of many innovative start-ups in the sector.

Hydraulic energy: the n°1 source of renewable energy

© EDF - ASTRUC Lionel - Barrage de Saint Pierre Cognet © EDF - ASTRUC Lionel11% of France’s electricity needs are met using the n°1 source of renewable energy, hydropower, 25% of which is produced in Rhône-Alpes.

The Hydraulic Engineering Center has been building on its expertise in energy storage by transfer, with the STEP (energy transfer by pumping), for over 30 years.

Solar energy: the sector banks on high value-added technologies


The French players lead the way as regards high value-added technologies, such as silicon cell production, module efficiency, storage, etc.

The INES/CEA (National Solar Energy Institute) combines solar developments with storage models, within own consumption and future mobility technology initiatives.

Energy efficiency: The building revolution

Improving buildings' energy efficiency means integrating renewable energy, improving on their heat technology (optimizing the outer envelope) and efficiently managing consumption.

Energy Pool/Schneider Electric innovate in smart management standard solutions through curtailment, storage and network load balance.

le Centre opérationnel 24/7 d'Energy Pool à Savoie Technolac



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