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Green Business Incubator

A national entrepreneurship hub, the Savoie Technolac Business Incubator is France’s first green business incubator. It provides a specific offering to those foreign companies wishing to discover the French and European energy market.

Savoie Technolac Business Incubator

The Savoie Technolac Business Incubator welcomes and supports innovative business creation, namely in the energy sector, through training, coaching and housing assistance
With the support of the Savoie Technolac Business Incubator, access to the following is made easy:

Points of reference

  • 60 companies assisted per year, 50% of which operating in the Energy & Network sector
  • A 5,000 m2 incubator with a specialization in energy
  • A student incubator to boost entrepreneurship right from higher education level



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