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Smooth transition

Savoie Technolac is your gateway to a network of qualified experts, partners and financial providers. Once your company is set up, a designated specialist will provide customized support and will assist you in your decision making.

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Savoie Technolac advantages

  • Close to new customers and markets
  • Financial engineering for your business: business angel investors & venture capital
  • Innovation and R&D project support
  • Legal advice, Company and Labor law, Taxation, Intellectual property
  • Employee recruitment
  • Customized real estate offering, adapted to your needs

Points of reference

  • 25 start-ups from R&D in 5 years
  • Laboratory/company synergies
  • 200,000 students in Rhône-Alpes

Company set-up is made easy through help with financing and recruitment. There is also integration support for families, whether French or international, and, of course, all new companies get a very warm welcome.



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